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Health Insurance Short Term


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If you are looking for an affordable solution to obtain health insurance, short-term health insurance would be a good option to consider. Most people prefer to go ahead with short-term health insurance when they go through transitional periods of their lives.

Short-term health insurance policies are available to you from periods of 30 days and go up to 90 days. You will also be able to get short term insurance policies for up to 12 months from some of the insurance providers. A short term health insurance policy would only provide protection to you only for a limited period of time. For example, you can go for short term health insurance when you are in the transition period between two standard health insurance policies.

You can usually get low premium prices with short term health insurance policies. However, these health insurance policies are usually offering lower coverage to you. Hence, you should carefully analyze the level of coverage you get and go for a health insurance policy.

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What is covered by a short term health insurance policy?

Along with a short term health insurance policy, you will usually be able to get coverage for unexpected illnesses or injuries that can happen to you. On the other hand, the short term health insurance policy would offer coverage for both inpatient and outpatient hospital services. You can also receive coverage for emergency room visits.

Depending on the insurance policy you have, you can get discounts for doctor appointments and using healthcare services that are available within the network.

While keeping this in mind, you should also understand things that are not covered by your short term health insurance policy as well. The short term health insurance policies will not cover pregnancy, preventive care, pre-existing conditions, dental appointments, immunizations, maternity, foot care, vision care, and few other related services. You should carefully go through your health insurance policy and get to know what is covered and what is not covered.


When should you go for a short term health insurance policy?

If you are looking for a health insurance policy only for a short duration of time, you can go for a short term health insurance policy. It will be a relatively affordable option available for you to remain protected as you go through a transitional period of your life. For example, you missed open enrollment for the given year, and if you are not eligible for special enrollment, you can get short term health insurance. On the other hand, people who got laid off or lost their jobs can get short term health insurance as well.

Even if you are in need of proof of insurance to go ahead with a vacation, a short term health insurance plan can be beneficial. We often see how people go for this health insurance policy when they are waiting until Medicare coverage starts.

Who can qualify for short term health insurance?

You will have to go through a health questionnaire, which determines your eligibility to receive short term health insurance. In this questionnaire, you will have to clearly disclose all the pre-existing conditions that you have. For example, you will be disqualified when you are pregnant, covered by a different insurance policy, or quality for Medicaid.

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